As you may have noticed, the ‘tag-line’ for Hypnosis Without Trance is “No ‘Sleep’, No ‘Eyes Closed’, No ‘Deeper & Deeper’…” I love this tag-line, but I have a confession to make – it is not strictly true!

No ‘sleep’… true! No ‘eyes closed…’ mostly true, but I do use eye-closure as part of my set up for negative hallucination. No ‘deeper & deeper’?

Well, ‘depth’ and going ‘into’ are great metaphors, and as a hypnotist I never would want to pass up on a functionally useful metaphor. BUT… what I would like to suggest is that you use them with a little more creativity than most hypnotists do! Because when you do, you can get some REALLY POWERFUL RESULTS!!!

The video will explain all! And please leave your comments here on the blog!

Happy Hypnotising

James Tripp


I got a great endorsement from the incredible Jörgen Rasmussen (Provocative Hypnosis) at the Change | Phenomena Conference in London on September 4th:

“I want to thank James Tripp. I’ve never endorsed a hypnosis product before, but I think his is really good.” Jörgen Rasmussen

If you haven’t got the set, and you want to find out what Jörgen is talking about, please GO HERE NOW to find out more.


Hi All…

Just a quick last minute reminder that this Saturday (4th September) is the Change | Phenomena hypnosis and hypnotherapy conference in London. I say reminder, but I for some this could be the first the know of it!

The speakers include:

Anthony Jacquin
Freddy Jacquin
Kev Sheldrake
Jorgen Rasmussen
James Brown…

…and me!

And I must say it is most gratifying to be sharing a stage (and Q&A panel) with such fine pedigree hypnotists!

tho find out more, visit:

I say more in the vid below, so you may like to take a look!

All te very best,


There seems to be a bit of a debate rattling at the moment – some hypnotists have been saying that language patterning doesn’t really matter so long as your intent is strong enough.

Well, even though I teach language patterns, I half agree! BUT BE CLEAR… only half agree!

This video is all about ‘intent’, and its importance to doing good hypnotic work.  In addition to introducing intent, I am also talking about:

  • How to ‘coach’ hypnotic responses from people (clear intent very necessary)
  • An example of ‘coaching’ the desired response
  • How to build clear and focussed intent
  • How Richard Bandler’s intent reflects naturalistically in his language

What I don’t talk about is languaging, so let me make this clear now!  Languaging is VERY important.  It is good to get your languaging skills tight and operating at unconscious competence.  But, the beauty of intent is that it automatically harnesses your natural language knowledge to the cause you seek to promote (hypnotic phenomena).

Anyhow’s… watch the video and discover the juice!

All the very best


HWT Changing Focus

Posted: August 1, 2010 in HWT News

O.K.  this is a quick ‘news-flash’…

The last few days – since the No-Fail Protocol pre-launch – have been totally nuts. The responses I have received to the launch and to the content of the DVD’s have totally blown my mind and sent me into a tailspin of reflecting, re-thinking and re-orientating. And this means that…

…after much deliberation I have made a decision to focus HWT in a slightly different direction – much more towards professional hypnotists who work with clients to make changes. And this has an impact on the official launch of the No-Fail Protocol material!

Before I say more I would like to be clear that this decision doesn’t mean I will be teaching loads of hypnotherapy stuff via the blog – the focus will still be on hypnosis (without trance!) and hypnotic phenomena – but I will be keeping in mind that group when I developing new material. (And I will likely still include the odd video of impromptu hypnosis from time to time, because that is part of who I am and what I do).

So, regarding the No-Fail Protocol; I have made the tough decision to put the official launch on ice for a while (and this really has been a tough decision because I know that that there were many who missed the pre-launch and were looking forward to grabbing a copy ASAP). For the sake of congruence with the new HWT focus, I want to take a little time to reorganise the material and add some additional content so as to make it as relevant and valuable as possible to those professional hypnotists who will benefit from this knowledge the most.

If you were one of those who managed to get a pre-launch copy, and haven’t yet given your feedback, I would love to hear from you!

O.K. that’s the ‘news-flash’ over – normal service will be resumed a little later in the week (more videos!).

All the very best


The perfect hypnotist, that mythical figure, is able to hypnotise anybody, anytime, anywhere – but can we even get close?

This post takes the form of a question (posed in the comments section of the about page on this blog) and an answer.  Not the answer… but an answer.

Here it goes…

Hi James,

As an expert (in my opinion) I would LOVE your opinion on this short video:
It is a video from Jonathan Chase explaining that only 80% of the people can be hypnotized. Period.

Do you agree with this James?

Thanks a lot up ahead!


Hi Rudy

That’s not a bad rule of thumb (for most good hypnotists) from Jon… but it isn’t necessarily that simple! I believe that everyone can experience hypnosis and does everyday. By this I mean if you take the definition “hypnosis is the use of communication to alter a person’s perceived reality” (which is close enough to my working definition), hypnosis is happening all the time. But this general, everyday hypnosis only relates to what I would call ‘soft phenomena’ – simple changes in state and thinking.

To get ‘hard phenomena’ (catalepsy, hallucination etc.) you need to distort reality much more, when you do this, people notice it happening and tend to correct in order to reinstate reality as they know it.

So you need to set frames that will explain the distortion, and you need to get them to ‘buy in’ to those frames (believe them 100% or close to 100%). Now, from a psychological perspective, some people are habituated to scepticism, which means that it is hard work to get them to buy into the frames you set. THIS IS KEY!

The perfect hypnotist is skilled enough to get ANYONE to ‘buy in’ to the operating frames… but this hypnotist doesn’t exist!

It’s a bit like Martial Arts – even the best of the best cannot beat everyone on the planet (because there will be those who surprise them with something they were not equipped for, or some contextual element will make difference… or they will be having an off day).

The more experience you have in hypnosis, the higher the percent of people you meet you can hypnotise. 80% is a good level! Most hypnotists that good (and this will include Jon, who is excellent) will learn to recognise the percentage that they are going to struggle with, and carefully avoid them (thus engineering for themselves a close to 100% success rate).

For me, the ongoing fascination with hypnosis is learning more and more about how people respond (especially those in the tough 20%) so as to start cutting into that percentage and move towards the ‘holy grail’ of being able to hypnotise ABSOLUTELY ANYONE.

This is where the HWT No-Fail material (which is being ‘pre-launced’ today) comes from – it’s for dealing with that tough percentage that just aren’t going to plan. This doesn’t mean that you are going to get ‘invisibility’ with everyone you work with, but taken in combination with good general hypnotic skills, you can get some category hypnotic phenomena from almost anyone, and for those who you can’t (at that time), you can exit the process on your terms and with your credibility intact.

Please be clear that this is my take on things based in my experience, and that Jon Chase and I have very different worldview from each other when it comes to these things (and that may even be an understatement!).

For me, the downside of the 80/20 rule in this context is that if you write off 20% as unhypnotisable, you place a psychological barrier in the way of developing your skills to tackle that tough 20%.

If the Wright brothers were hypnotists, I wonder how they would have responded to being told that %20 of people are unhypnotisable?

All the very best


P.S.  the No-Fail Protocol DVD’s will be going on a limited Pre-Launch later on today.

Hi Folks

I have a quick video here explaining how adjusting your subject/clients position and posture is so much more powerful than simply building compliance.  This little tip really is gold!

P.S. I mention the Hypnosis Without Trance, Hypnosis Mastery Programme at the end of the video! Well, here’s an email I got today from Michael Skirving ( who bought his copy of the programme on the 17th of June (about 3 weeks ago). Here’s what michael said:

“This material has taught me more about Hypnosis than my previous 20 years in Psychology and 4 years as a practicing Hypnotherapist.  Hypnotherapists are sometimes very scathing of this stuff,  perhaps scared at what they might accomplish!  This material should be a standard requirement for ANY Hypnotist wanting to bring about real change work.  Everything is demonstrated without anything held back and explained in finest detail,  to satisfy all learning styles.  If you don’t learn this stuff you will be left behind!

Thank you Michael!

Please do check out the order page for more details:

Hey Guys and Girls

I just found out that this humble hypnosis is at No. 28 in the Top 100 Blogs of the Day ‘Growing Blogs’ (screengrab below). I am pretty stoked about this, so I couldn’t resist but share the news!


But now, of course, I’m thinking…

“…what would need to happen to get to number 1?”

Maybe you could help me out!?!

Firstly to improve the blog:

What kind of stuff would me most useful to have here on the blog (more demonstrations, explanations,hints and tips, philosophical perspectives etc)?


…please spread the word!

If you know people who are into hypnosis but may not yet know about the blog, please do let them know!

Speak soon, and once again…